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Better cut the shoe than pinch the foot.
If something brings suffering to you, you should not value it any more, because your own comfort is more important.
A just war is better than an unjust peace.
We should rather sustain a just war than have unjust peace.
Better one house spoiled than two.
Bad-tempered men and women should marry each other, to save other people from suffering from the marriage with them.
A trade is better than service.
If one has skills and does own business, one feels and lives better than to be employed to do duties of a servant.
Better the foot slip than the tongue.
To err in talking is very inappropriate and harmful.
A lean agreement is better than a fat judgment.
If a dispute can be settled outside of court, even if the result is not very satisfactory, it is still better than spending big dollars to take the case to court.
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