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You are your greatest enemy if you are a coward, but if you are brave, you are your greatest friend.
A friend that frowns is better than a smiling enemy.
Hunger knows no friend.
Go down the ladder when you marry a wife; go up when you choose a friend.
Choose as wife a woman of a lower financial, social or professional position than you, but when making friends, access those of higher positions.
Never catch at a falling knife or a falling friend.
Do not try to catch a falling knife, as it is dangerous; and never support a friend who has fallen from fame or grace, lost his/her fortune or power, etc., as that friend is no longer useful to you.
Love your friend with his fault.
Show strong friendship to your friend, being tolerant to his/her fault.
爱朋友, 不嫌朋友有过错。
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