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Between two stools one goes to the ground.
A ground sweat cures all disorders.
If one wants to have his/her disease cured with any methods such as the traditional sweat inducing, one must understand that disease comes and goes, and the best remedy once and for all is being dead and buried.
The best remedy against an ill man, is much ground between.
One should keep as much distance as possible with bad people.
Find the middle ground.
To make an attempt to avoid extreme differences; to find some common agreement.
The master's footsteps fatten the soil, and his foot the ground.
A landowner working together with and supervising his farm hands is a guarantee for a bumper harvest.
He who aims at the moon may hit the top of a tree; he who aims at the top of a tree is unlikely to get off the ground.
A person with great ambition can expect good success in life, otherwise the result will be discouraging.
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